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Monthly Specials

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Wine of the Month

“Wine Hooligans” Wines

Portlandia Wines
  • Brut 750ml $16.99
  • Pinot Gris 750ml $13.99
  • Red Blend 750ml $17.99
  • Pinot Noir 750ml $17.99

Shortbread Winery
  • Chardonnay 750ml $13.99

Cycles Gladiator
  • Pinot Noir 750ml $10.99

Stephen Vincent Wines
  • Chardonnay 750ml $12.99
  • Pinot Noir 750ml $12.99
  • Crimson Red 750ml $12.99

Broadside Winery
  • Cabernet 750ml $13.99

Beer of the Month

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Pale Ale 

  • 6pk bottles 
  • $8.99

  • 6pk Cans 
  • $8.99

Hazy IPAs & Sunny Citrus Wheat 
  • 6pk cans 
  • $9.99

Hazy IPA & Pale Ale 
  • 12pk cans 
  • $17.99

Spirit of the Month

Breckenridge Distillery

  • 1.75Ltr  
    • $25.99
  • 750ml Regular and Flavors
    • $17.99

  • 750ml  
    • $22.99
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We love Summit County

Since 1997, we have brought specialty wine, beer, and spirits to Summit County and Dillon, CO. Our goal is to highlight our community, share local spirits, and continue providing high-quality service for many years.

Special Orders Welcomed

If a specific liquor, beer or wine is available in Colorado, it should be no problem to procure for you. Place a request and we will start the process of getting you that special bottle.
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Planning an Event?

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate party of any size or another type of event, we can help you plan for your special gathering. Let us know the details and we’ll get started with the right products at the best prices to accommodate your needs.
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Store Hours

Monday - Saturday
9 AM- 9 PM

11 AM- 7 PM

*Closed Christmas Day*
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